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Tender Specification

This page is a free-to-use tender specification document. However, it can only be used to produce a full specification when supplying a School Bell Class Change System.

Tender Specification for a Class Change Technology System

The contractor should supply a zoned class change system, with a public address function. And this system must have the following features.

1. The system should be hard wired and powered centrally. So, it should not use the IT infrastructure. Nor should it rely on wireless communication (WiFi) for announcements.

2. Correct speakers must be used in each location. For instance, projectors in classrooms and ceiling speakers in suspended ceilings.

3. In noisier areas, higher capacity speakers should be used. This will ensure that announcements can be heard. For example, in dining halls, school halls, and music rooms.

4. Speakers should also be in keeping with the aesthetics of their surroundings.

5. Additionally, outdoor speakers must be IP55 rated.

6. The speakers should be connected to the central unit using insulated speaker cable, with the correct capacity for the system’s design.

7. All audio from the system should automatically mute when the fire alarm goes off.

8. Hardware should be centrally located and securely rack mounted.

9. The system should have up to 8 zones. This will allow for different notifications to be played in various areas of the school.

Further Required Features

Furthermore, the system should also provide the following functions. All should be available through an an easy-to-use software interface:

  • A 7 day schedule, to help schools program their weekly timetable
  • Zone selection for notifications.
  • 24 Hour Clock HR:MIN: SEC, with an automatic British Summertime update.
  • Ability to load MP3 sounds through a USB Memory Stick.
  • Additionally, the ability to save MP3 notifications on the internal hard drive.
  • Also, the system should be able to save a school’s timetable as a backup.
  • Instant audio play into any zone.
  • The instant mute of programmed notifications as needed.
  • And if background music is being played through the system, class change notifications must override this.
  • Similarly, if a paging announcement is being made, class change notifications must override this.

PA System Features

The Integrated Public Address system should have the following functions.

  • The ability to page each zone or multiple zones,
  • Be able to page the whole of the site,
  • And the ability to play up to a minimum of 4 pre-recorded announcements at the push of a button into any or all of the zones.

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