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School Lockdown Systems

Advanced School Lockdown Solutions

We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of school lockdown systems. Our range of market-leading systems can be tailored to your school’s specific needs.

How Lockdown Systems can be used in schools

The video below shows how our lockdown system is used in schools across the country. The system shown is used to produce personalized messages, which have been incorporated into the school’s emergency lockdown plan.

24 Hour Monitoring

Our lockdown system can be linked to a 24-hour call monitoring centre- a feature that we believe is incredibly important. This is because it ensures that emergency lockdowns are always safe and effective, as emergency services will be called immediately.

Say NO to WiFi!

A lockdown system is for emergencies, and WiFi simply isn’t reliable to use for this. We have all experienced WiFi failing on us at some point! Ask yourself, would you put your school’s fire alarm on WiFi?

Instead, our systems would be hard-wired throughout your school. They don’t use IT systems, nor do they need wi-fi. So, our lockdown systems aren’t vulnerable to either your IT system or wi-fi downtime.

No Need for Screaming Sirens

With a lockdown system, it’s best to have a few different levels of alarm. Pre-recorded messages can provide clear instructions to students- which is something a loud siren or bell can’t do!

Our systems include the following levels as standard: Full Lock Down, Partial Lock Down and a third for special circumstances.

Full Lock Down Alert: is for the most serious instances where you need staff and pupils to take immediate action, due to a threat on your site.

Partial Lock Down Alert: is for any disturbance or situation outside the school grounds, during which you want all staff and pupils back inside the building. For example, if a dangerous dog comes onto school grounds or pollution from a fire is heading your way.

Third Lock Down Alert: unlike the first two is not required by local authority guidance or NaCTSO. The Third Alert is for special circumstances. For instance, we have schools that have issues with parents trying to collect students when a court order is in place. We have a case where an inner-city school is near a rehabilitation center and they often have their clients going to the wrong reception to collect prescriptions. This alert can be customised to alert SLT or other staff of a known situation they need to attend.

Free Demonstration, Site Survey, and Quotation

Do you want to know more about our school lockdown systems? Book your free, no-obligation demonstration today! When we visit you, if you decide that a lockdown solution could be right for you, then we will also do a site survey and provide you with a quote. Interested? Contact us today.