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School Bell System for Class Change – Feature Overview

Our School Bell Class Change System delivers far beyond the industry standard, thanks to its unique features. The system uses cutting edge software, helping deliver top quality, customisable experience. Read on to find out why School Bell is so unique.

The ultimate in class change technology

The ultimate in class change technology

Custom Music Tracks

Alarm bells can be distressing for more sensitive students. Moreover, if you’re using a variation of a bell for every type of warning or announcement, then this can get very confusing for students. Having different tones for class changes, wet breaks and the like can help the school day flow much easier.

What can our system play?

Our system can by any recorded music, song, poem, tone or voice recording, as long as it’s on a .mp3 or .wav file. A wide range of music and pre-recorded announcements come included with the system. For example, the theme to SpongeBob SquarePants could be used as Friday home time music. Why not send pupils home with a laugh and smile?

The possibilities are endless. For example, you could use different music for starting the day, morning break, lunch, home time, session change… Why not even put timed music in place for lesson changes? You could make it a requirement that by the time the music stops, the children should be in their next lesson!

Up to 8 Zones

As a school, you don’t necessarily want the same messages and notifications going school-wide all the time. For example, you may wish to mute some areas like halls, and departments where exams and events are happening. Our system allows for up to 8 separate zones to be programmed.

Being able to make an announcement, locate or alert relevant people instantly can be valuable for safeguarding issues. The School Bell System allows you as standard to make instant live announcements when needed, either school-wide or to specific zones.

Can be linked to a School Radio Station

Many schools have stand-alone school radio stations these days which help bring out creativity and enhance confidence and skill sets; Our school bell system can also be connected to a school radio system allowing children to take this to the next level – from business studies student being able to produce advertising jingles for forthcoming events through to spotlighting the next generation of broadcasters, this facility is most definitely worth considering. (we can supply the school radio station as part of the package if needed!)

School radio stations can help bring out creativity and confidence in pupils. Our School Bell System can be connected to a school radio system, for broadcast across the school during lunchtimes. A school radio station can be used for classroom activities, as well as for extracurricular use. For example, business studies students could produce advertising jingles for upcoming events. What’s more, if you don’t currently have a school radio station, then we can install one as part of the package. Find out more by clicking here.

Hard wired – No Downtime!

We’re all used to WiFi acting up, needing re-connecting, re-booting or experiencing downtime during a power cut. Also, school WiFi experiences interference from pupil’s and teacher’s own personal devices. Therefore, we have found WiFi to be unsuitable for an important announcement system to rely on. So, our system’s reliability is rooted in the fact that it’s hardwired.

The last thing schools need is more traffic running through their IT network, as this can really slow things up on an already busy network. Our School Bell system doesn’t use any of your existing infrastructures. Instead, it runs on its own wires These can be used to install our system hassle-free on any type of school site, old or new, small or large.

The bottom line is that our system won’t interfere with a busy WiFi network. In turn, this increases reliability and, this is why we offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

What if the power goes off?

Our optional USP battery back-up solution allows for around twenty minutes use once the power has gone down. This can allow for school-wide announcements to be made in the event of an emergency or to reassure pupils and staff that everything can carry on as normal.

Lockdown Alarms for School Security

This really isn’t our favourite part of the system as, in an ideal world, pupils should be able to go about their day risk-free. However, in this day and age, some schools need a higher level of emergency alarm- one that does more than making a bell ring. The School Bell System can activate fixed or remote panic alarms. Additionally, the School Bell System has three levels of lockdown alert installed. You can choose your own tones, through from a subtly coded message to a clear evacuation instruction.

Have we missed anything?

We are always keen to improve our systems. If you have any queries or suggestions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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