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School Bell System for Class Change – Feature Overview

Stepping outside the box and delivering far and beyond the standard – it’s the least we can provide the next generation with, our system is ahead of all others and we would love for you to take a closer look.

This system is the latest technology and incorporates some cutting edge software that delivers solutions for questions you may not have thought of yet! No matter what we say one thing our system will provide is a wow factor far and above anything else you have seen or can buy elsewhere.

The ultimate in class change technology

The ultimate in class change technology

Some really important facts and features:

Alarms and tones are for emergencies, not class change!
In this day and age no one should be desensitising children to alarm bells, is it not time that you consider music is used for session change?

What can our system play?
Any recorded music, song, poem, tone, bell or voice recordings as long as it’s on an mp3 or wav file – You can store 1,000’s of them. Yes even Mr Williams rendition of Nessun Dorma if it should be required! We do supply each system with a wide range of music and pre-recorded announcements (the theme to Sponge Bob Square Pants can be included for that Friday home time music! Send them off with a laugh and a smile).

Timing options you won’t run out of!
Different music for starting the day, morning break, lunch, home time, session change – why not even put timed music in place for lesson changes and make it a requirement that when the music stops the children should be in their next lesson!

Zones are important for schools!
Schools don’t necessarily want the same messages and notifications going school wide at times they may also wish to exclude certain areas from receiving notifications, such as halls and departments when exams and events are in progress. Our system allows for up to 8 separate zones to be programmed.

Theme the schools sound by term or event!
Our school bell system allows for you to easily change the music that is used at any time you wish allowing for you to introduce relevant music that relates to the time of year or a performance or event that is happening, this interaction can really add a spring in the step of the pupils and removes repetition from an everyday notification.

Record, schedule and broadcast messages and important announcements!
Unlike most alternatives our school bell system provides you with, as standard, the ability to pre-record announcements, schedule them to go out at your desired set times, to your desired zones.

The ability to reach every part of the school in seconds!
Being able to make an announcement, locate or alert relevant people instantly can be a valuable asset not just for day to day issues but also for safeguarding issues and strategy. The school bell system allows you as standard to make instant live announcements as and when required, again school wide or to specific desired zones.

Bolt on a school radio station and lunchtime to the next level
Many schools have stand-alone school radio stations these days which help bring out creativity and enhance confidence and skill sets; Our school bell system can also be connected to a school radio system allowing children to take this to the next level – from business studies student being able to produce advertising jingles for forthcoming events through to spotlighting the next generation of broadcasters, this facility is most definitely worth considering. (we can supply the school radio station as part of the package if needed!)

A wired solution is a must if you want it error free!
We all are used to our WiFi devices needed to be re-connected, re-booted, a power cut or just the device has decided its time. This along with the reduction in usable available WiFi bandwidth and interference from hundreds of pupil’s mobiles, tablets and other WiFi devices we have found that although a WiFi solution is cheaper it is very much an unreliable choice for this type of solution. As a company we believe that we should only supply solutions that are proven to be reliable as tomorrows business is just as important as todays.

No interference with your IT Network!
The last thing most schools need is additional traffic running through their IT Network causing latency and increasing the number of devices running through it. Our School Bell system does not use any of your existing infrastructure, it runs on its own wires which we are used to installing without fuss on sites that are old, multi-building, new, large or small. So the important bit being it won’t interfere with what is probably a busy network, this increases reliability and is why we offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Our School bell system even works when the power is off!
Yes, it can should you need it to. With our optional USP battery back-up solution allows for around twenty minutes use on most installs once the power has gone down. This can allow for school wide announcements to be made in the event of an emergency or to simply reassure pupils and staff that everything can carry on as normal.

Panic alarm options – fixed or remote.
It is really not our favourite part of the system but in this day and age some schools require a higher level of emergency alarm solution, again one that does not simply make a bell ring. The school bell system can have an option of fixed or remote panic alarm triggers allowing the playback a predefined notification of your choice, it can be a subtle as ‘A delivery for Mr Jones has arrived’ through to a clear evacuation notice.

Have we missed anything?
We hope that since we work closely with our clients we hope not but we are always keen to extend this system even further and would love to work closely with new clients introducing additional functionality.

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