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School Bell System

Our School Bell System is a customizable school class change audio system. However, the system is capable of much more than this. The School Bell system is the ultimate sound system solution for schools because it can be used for whatever announcements and alarms are needed. Our system has proved very popular with schools across the UK because of its unique features. For example:

  • 8 ‘zones’, so different messages can be played in different parts of the school.
  • Use any .mp3 or .wav sound file for your class changes/other notifications.
  • Can also be used to play background music
  • Full voice paging system for announcements to the whole school.
  • The system can be muted during exams
  • School Radio system can be intergrated to play back across the whole campus or selected zones
  • 3 levels of lockdown signal, so School Bell is also an effective security solution.
Sound Innovations' School Bell system

The ultimate in class change technology

Why is our School Bell system the best on the market?

Our system’s top of the range features mean that it is more customizable than that of our competitors, while still being easy to use. For example, the system can deliver custom audio notifications to different areas around your school. For ease of use, the system can also be pre-programmed to fit your school’s timetable. But School Bell goes far beyond providing, well, a school bell. You can use your system to address the whole school and to provide background music to lessons. What’s more, you could broadcast a school radio show. At Sound Innovations, we also offer school radio station packages which can be integrated with School Bell.

Because the system is completely flexible in its programming, it can be tailored to your exact needs. Through from choosing audio, to selecting school ‘zones’ we will offer you full support and advice throughout the process.

How easy-to-use is School Bell?

School Bell has been designed with the user in mind. It uses a simple “checkbox” interface which requires minimal training and can be operated by any member of the school staff.

There is no other class change system in the UK with the adaptability and functionality of our system. Call us and we will be happy to arrange a free, no-obligation demonstration, site survey, and quotation!

The following diagram shows how our class change technology works.

school bell technical demo

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