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Class Change Music with School Bell System

Class change music is becoming a popular feature of UK schools across the country, as many forward-thinking schools are moving away from alarm bells. This is because they are increasingly being seen as an outdated way to notify students of class changes, break times and the like.

Instead, music and vocal recordings are becoming increasingly popular with primary, secondary and further education institutions. This type of announcement can help create a more pleasant and welcoming learing environment.

We are one of the leading companies pushing this technology, and have seen in practise how it can improve a school’s day-to-day routine. Our School Bell Class Change System has helped us bring innovative notification technology to a wide variety of schools.

Also, we’re always keen to build on our technology, adding further functions to suit our clients.

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Feature Overview for Class Change Music System

This section covers the system’s most important aspects. Here, we introduce how each feature works, and why.

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Technical Specification

Now, we take a more in-depth look at some of our system’s features, and show a diagram outlining its configuration.

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Tender Specification

Many of our clients require a tender specification document detailing the outline requirements of a School Bell Class Change System. Here you will find the perfect list to formulate a tender document not only listing features but how they should work.

Lots of our clients need a tender specification, which details the requirements of a School Bell Class Change System. Here, we list all the essential features that our system should have, and how they should work, to help you form a tender document.

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School Bell Class Change Music Featured on BBC News

One of our clients, St Ambrose Barlow RC High School, was featured on BBC News. Below, you can see what they had to say about their new School Bell Class Change System, and what the BBC made of it too.

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