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Bett Award Finalist 2017

Sound Innovations named BETT Award Finalist 2017 for ‘ICT Innovator of the Year’

Our market leading class change technology is easy to use for all. We deliver this through school technology, like out School Bell PA System. This is an innovative sound system for schools and colleges. Because of its unique features, it has been popular with schools across the country. For example, some features include:

  • Custom audio tracks. For instance, different songs can be played for classroom changes and wet breaks.
  • Background music for different areas of the school.
  • Pre-recorded messages, that can be played at the touch of the button.
  • A microphone to relay messages across the whole school.
  • Most importantly, 3 levels of lock-down alert. This could help your school prepare for security threats.

Our School Bell PA System reached the finals of the 2017 BETT Awards for ‘ICT Innovator of the Year’.  The BETT Awards celebrate innovations in school technology. This is something that we are incredibly passionate about.

Is technology in schools really that important?

We believe that technology is very effective in improving classroom learning. While tech gets bad press for disconnecting us from real life, using tech can encourage teamwork between pupils. For instance, touch screens can be used to make group presentations. Therefore, introducing technology to students at school can teach them to use it in a healthy, productive way. To find out more about the products we provide to schools, visit our Education home page.

The School Bell system can be made to suit your school’s specific needs. Because of the system’s flexible nature, it’s been popular with schools across England and Wales. You can out more about the other products we offer to schools over on Sound Innovations’ main website.

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Bett award finalist for school technology